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Mikado Airspace 4000FD

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Airspace reels 4000 FD Mikado
A unique reel made entirely of metal, without the use of graphite composites.
A special, exceptionally rigid and resistant aluminum and zinc alloy with the symbol “7075”, containing also 1.5% copper and silicon, iron, manganese, titanium and chromium, was used to produce the rotor and the bow.
Another innovative solution is the unprecedented two-piece rotor construction.
It allows for more accurate machining of both parts and their separate anodization.
Other curiosities include the complete absence of screws on the outside of the reel, the absence of lateral body covers, and the innovative design of the reel spool axis to achieve a reel body thickness of less than 12mm!
Thanks to the “openwork” rotor and spool design and the “7075” alloy, we have an extremely rigid and powerful reel with an unusually low weigth.
In addition, lubrication of the main axle and bearing is possible without undoing the reel.


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