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Korda Flying Backlead Kwik Change System Light 4g 1

Korda Flying Backlead Kwik Change System Light 4g


Korda Safe Zone Flying Backlead Kwik Change System Light, Medium or Heavy

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Korda ‘Safe Zone’ flying back leads are totally versatile. You can now change the weight of the back lead which determines how far it will fly back, the lighter the weight the more it flies back. With the mono version you can even take the whole lot completely off the main-line without the need to cut it, which means you can also turn the back lead around so the special parachute faces away from the lead system, stopping the flying back lead from coming back so far.The system is in three parts, a hard plastic inner with a disc like parachute at one end, the mono version has a fine slit all the way down so it can be clipped onto the line with the lead system still attached. The ‘lead’ part is actually non-toxic and also has a slit down it; this can also be slid on the line without the need to cut it. The two parts simply push together, they have been designed so they are a tight fit but will easily pull apart in your hands when you need to take them off or change the weight.

The third part is a super soft 4mm rubber bead which goes on the line before threading on your lead system, this stays on the top of the lead system weather you use the flying back lead or not. It has a specially tapered hole; the larger side of the hole should face away from the lead so if the bead has to go over a leader knot the large side of the hole hits the knot first. The inner hole in the flying back lead itself has been made just big enough to go over most leader knots so they can be used with leaders without fear of jamming up at the leader knot and possibly stopping the lead getting off the end of the broken line.
Having this size of hole in the stem of the back lead would mean it would slide down over the anti-tangle system and sit next to the lead on before the cast. This would stop the back lead flying back on the cast, as the lead and the flying back lead must be several inches apart at least for the two to separate on the cast. In fact the further apart they are before the cast the further they will fly back, so the length of the anti-tangle system will dramatically affect how fare back they come. Each pack comes with 6 weights of the same size, either  5g or 7.5g, with 6 stems with slits and 10 rubber beads. In use, the 5g are for fishing at short range as it comes back the furthest, the 5g for 50 to 90 yards and the 7.5g for further.

Flying Back Leads are not suitable for braided lines.


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